Merry Christmas – Hot Fuck XXX Story

We had went down to the city to get some shopping in and decided to say over night. We went to a hotel we had used before which had suites with a separate bedroom and sitting room with doors between. It was handy when one person wanted to watch TV and the other one wanted to sleep although there was a TV in the bedroom too. We had went to bed fairly early as we had had a long day. We left theTV on when we fell asleep as it helped give some light without being too dark. Ellen, my wife, was lying on her side and I snuggled into her back caressing her breasts, which were a nice 36C, and both of us fell asleep.

About 3.00am I woke up and when I looked for a drink found we had finished the bottled water. I slipped on my jeans and a tee shirt and went down to the reception desk to get a drink from the machine that was there. The night manager was young black guy about 6’3″. I needed change so he gave me some and we chatted a little. An idea came into my head and I told him what it was and asked if he was interested. He immediately said yes so I took him back to our suite. We went into the sitting room and I went into the bathroom, which opened into the sitting room and the bathroom. I looked in and Ellen was still sleeping. I told Josh to strip which he quickly did and then he slipped into bed and quickly snuggled into Elllen’s back.

There was enough light from the TV that I could see what was happening. He reached around her side and I knew he was caressing her breasts after a couple of minutes Ellen gave a little moan so I knew he was getting to her. He slid his hand down between her legs and I could just se him sliding his fingers into her vagina. This got her a little more excited. After a short time she reached around behind herself and I guess she found his cock which I knew was longer and thicker than mine. She gave a gasp, which I presumed she had found his cock, and started to say “What the hell …….?” She started to turn around but Josh gently pushed her onto her stomach.

He threw back the covers, spread her legs , got between them and slowly pressed his cock against the opening of her vagina. He slowly pressed his cock forward, which slowly entered her vagina, and as it filled her insides she gave a loud groan. “Oh God, Oh God” she said and as Josh sped up his thrusts he eventually got all his cock inside her vagina. I could just see enough from the light of the TV, that his cock was fully erect and must have been about 8″ long and quite thick. She started to thrust her hips up to meet his thrusts and she was gasping and groaning as he continued to fuck her hard and fast. “Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh” she cried and before she could make too much noise she buried her face into the pillow and I could faintly her her scream as her orgasm washed through her body.

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After she had settled down Josh lifted her hips up so she was on her knees and continued to fuck her hard. I could see her breasts swinging with the force of every thrust Josh managed another five or more minutes before he threw back is head groaning as he buried his cock deep inside her and I can only assume exploded inside her. After a short while he pulled his cock out and rolled onto his back as Ellen collapsed onto her stomach.

They both lay there for about 15 minutes then I heard Ellen say “Oh darling that was so wonderful. Ron do you think you can do it again if I helped?” This puzzled me until I realized she knew it wasn’t me but was carrying on the fantasy. She rolled down the bed and reaching for his cock and caressing it slowly she stuck out her tongue and slowly licked the tip and then down the sides. She sucked his balls and then sliding up his cock she she opened her mouth and took his cock into it. I knew exactly what she was doing and how Josh would react which he did with a long groan. She was, as far as I was concerned, the best cocksucker in the world (well My world anyway). Once she got him hard again she started bobbing her head up and down on his shaft, sometimes going deep, sometimes just the tip, but I knew her tongue would be working all the time. With the light from the TV, I could see his cock sliding in and out of her mouth and she was managing to get quite a lot of it in. She sat back a bit and slid her hand up and down his shaft, and then straddling him, she slowly lowered herself onto his cock. She rode his cock, moving her hips back and forth and then he grabbed her hips and started thrusting up into her as they both got into a rhythm . Her head was flung back and she was whimpering and moaning as thy both headed for their orgasms which came at the same time. Both cried out “Oh yes, Oh yes” and he gave a last thrust deep into her and she slammed herself down onto his cock, collapsing onto his chest and moaning. They lay there for some time before she rolled off him and lay on her back, satiated more than she had been for a long time.

Josh got up and retreated into the sitting room where he got dressed and before leaving told me that it was the best fuck he had had in a long time. He slipped out the door and I stripped off and slipped into bed. I looked at her vagina and there was cum leaking out into a small pool between her legs. She was half asleep but managed to say “Thank you darling” before she drifter back into a deep sleep which lasted until late morning. I came awake feeling her mouth slid up and down my cock and thinking of what I had watched during the night I quickly exploded into her mouth. WE got dressed went for breakfast and completed our shopping left for home. As we left the city she said “Thats a great hotel we should come down to the city more often.” I smiled and when I looked over at her she smiled back and winked.

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